October 2022, has been set aside for every organized local church in the entire Northern Zambia Union Conference (NZUC) to hold either a public, indoor, or online evangelistic campaign. For churches without money or a budget for this initiative, can consider using local church preachers and just have indoor campaigns at almost zero cost. The bottom line is that every church needs to hold some evangelistic campaign activity that will result in soul winning and baptism.

The main core reason why the Seventh-day Adventist Church exists is mission and nothing but the mission mandate. Evangelism and outreach are the DNA of God’s church and movement. This is the lifeblood of Christ’s church. Therefore, to do church without evangelistic activities is suicidal and catastrophic for the church.


In the words of Hudson Taylor, The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed. The Great Commission is not the great suggestion but the great commission! This should be our primary obsession as a church in the Northern Zambia Union Conference. All other things are secondary!

Our annual baptisms in Northern Zambia Union Conference averaged 40,000 before COVID-19. However, in the last 2 years our baptism numbers and general evangelistic outreach programs have declined. This can only be attributed to COVID-19 and its ramifications on the life of the church. As a matter of fact, few churches conducted some form of evangelistic program during the past two years. Therefore, there is an urgent need to recover from this COVID-19 paralysis that we experienced as a church. We are praying hard that this year 2022, we shall evangelistically recover!

To this effect, the church needs an aggressive evangelistic cataclysmic comeback that will shake the very foundations of hell. We are dubbing this evangelistic phenomenon “October Harvest 22”- (Operation Bounce Back). In the last 2 years of the COVID-19, it’s been observed that temperatures are high in October and public restrictions are a little relaxed by the authorities during this period. Therefore, we need to seize this window of opportunity and engage full-throttle into soul winning.

The Northern Zambia Union Conference leadership will conduct public campaigns in Solwezi, Lumwana, and Kalumbila of the Northwestern Zambia Conference. The NZUC officers and departmental office bearers will each conduct a two (2) weeks public campaign, and these will run simultaneously to culminate into one mass baptism.

We are planning for 25 sites for these public campaigns in the designated regions of the North-Western Zambia Conference. Of the 25 sites, about 11 sites are for NZUC office bearers. The remaining sites will have carefully selected, well-trained and gifted lay, public speakers, from all over the NZUC region. Among these preachers are unemployed theology graduates and lay Gospel evangelists.